Smart Compose feature will rollout soon to all Gmail users

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Google announced today that it will soon implement a new "Smart Compose" feature to Gmail that uses Machine Learning to help users write email faster.

The new "Smart Compose" feature was announced by Google earlier today during the Google I/O 2018 event, and it's something that many Gmail users have wanted for so long. It works by using Machine Learning to detect certain common sentenses and automatically completes them in the compose window so you can write email super fast when you're in a hurry.

"From your greeting to your closing (and common phrases in between), Smart Compose suggests complete sentences in your emails so that you can draft them with ease. Because it operates in the background, you can write an email like you normally would, and Smart Compose will offer suggestions as you type," said Paul Lambert, Product Manager at Google.

Here's how to use Gmail's new Smart Compose feature

The "Smart Compose" feature will be rolling out to all Gmail users worldwide in the coming weeks. To use it, you'll have to enable the new Gmail interface first, which Google introduced last month. Simple click on Settings and then tap on the "Try the new Gmail" entry in the menu to enable the new Gmail interface. Then, go to the General tab in Settings and enable "experimental access."

After that, simply press the compose button to use the Smart Compose feature, which will make write emails super fast, as you can see in the image attached below. If you find Smart Compose unfit for your needs, you can always disable it by unchecking the "experimental access" box in Settings under the General tab. Smart Compose is also coming to G Suite customers in the coming months.

Smart Compose in Gmail

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